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Aneros Marksman 6pk

The Aneros Marksman lubricant shooters are perfect for use with your Aneros or any other type of anal play.

The most common user error is using too much or too little lubricant during a session with the Aneros. The Marksman shooters take the guesswork out of the picture – one session, one shooter.

Each shooter comes pre-filled with 5 ml of a specially formulated water-based gel and is incredibly easy to use. The Marksman has a long-lasting, latex safe formula that is glycerin and fragrance-free. Six applicators per box.


Seriously, I have no idea why these aren't available everywhere. These are by far the easiest way to lube up for anal anything without having your entire crack covered! They're a bit pricey compared to just using normal larger bottles of lube, but the ease of use and cleanup is so far ahead and beyond that I hope they get it in higher production runs to bring the price closer to "normal" lubes.