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Progasm Classic

The Aneros Progasm is one of the largest members of the Aneros family to date. It features a newly designed round perineum tab and also boasts a Kundalini “K-Tab.” The “K-Tab” adds sensations up and down your back that are complementary to the sensations from the prostate.

Larger Scale, But Fully Mobile

Mobility is a key to success with our products, and despite its size the Progasm moves inside the man's body to provide a robust prostate masssage for incredible pleasure. • Largest Aneros model • Round perineum tab design • Kundalini "K-Tab" provides additional sensations • Has size, but is very mobile • For advanced and experienced users
Larger Scale, But Fully Mobile
Don't Forget Lubricant!

Don't Forget Lubricant!

The key to getting the most enjoyment from the Male G-Spot is applying a liberal amount of lubricant. This allows the massager to both be inserted comfortably and move freely during use. We recommend using only water-based lubes because they will not affect the product adversely and are very easy to clean up after use. Our Marksman™ water-based lubricant has been specially formulated for anal use and comes in a handy applicator with an extension which allows it to be dispensed both internally and externally.


Aneros products are hands-free, internationally patented devices specifically designed for prostate, or Male G-Spot stimulation. Using no batteries or electronically induced vibrations, our products transform the body’s own energy into amazing sensations. The mechanism is simple, but extremely effective.

With our products, a man can achieve strong, continuous full-body orgasms previously unattainable through conventional sexual techniques. These orgasms are so earth-shattering that they deserve a special nickname – The Super Orgasm, or as our enthusiasts prefer, The “Super-O.” A Super-O is entirely different from a traditional penile orgasm – it is characterized by pleasure starting from the lower abdomen that awashes the entire body in a state of bliss.

The man does not ejaculate during a Super-O. This means there is no “recharging” or “time out” period needed. Through practice, a man can have these orgasms, one after the other during sessions lasting for an hour or more at a time. Even short sessions can feel long as our customers have reported that during Super-O sessions their “beds shake uncontrollably” and they “lose all track and sense of time.”

Aneros products can also be used during traditional sexual encounters. During oral sex and traditional intercourse, when the man uses our products he will be harder, last longer, and have better control. His prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense and satisfying orgasm. This increased sexual performance is a great secondary benefit for the partner as well. Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy with your partner.

Visit our Learning Center for more information on the Aneros Experience.


Tip Width: 1.25 inches
Mid-Ridge Width: 1.3 inches
Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52 inches
Insertable Length : 4.5 inches


I have the mgx psnew helix maximus and progasm. The first progasm I had felt way to big,so I modified it to make it smaller.I eventually threw it away. After about a year and a half I decided to get another one it now feels like it was made just for me.I just relax and it does all the work.I am 6-2 175 small frame. I am going to order the DeVice to day.I get the quivers just looking at the picture.

I just bought my first Aneros product theProgasm, got home & inserted it and I couldn't believe the sensation this baby gave me. I have been geting pegged by my wife for 20 years and have experenced many anal orgasms. But the feeling that the Aneros Progasm has gave me is like nothing I have ever experenced. This Progasm will sent you into a out of body trip. This model is not for a beginner. First time I used it, I had 12 orgasms in 2 hours. Next day I felt so good, I couldn't believe it. The main thing with this orgasm tool. Is to clench your sphincter muscle and release. Any man that hasn't tried one of sure missing out. My wife loves to watch me squrm around on the bed as she plays with her Rabbit Jack. Having sex with the wife with it inserted in my anus is like nothing else. When you orgasm it feels like you pumped quarts of love juice in her. Get One.
Originally wanted Helix, butt girlfriend picked up mis-marked box on way home from work, ended up with Progasm. Of course it was not exchangeable, so purchased Helix next day. It was entertaining - I liked it a lot, was a stallion in bed, all was well. Didn't take Progasm out of box for weeks. One day I got curious, no one around, so got it out, lubed it up, slid it in, no problem! I'd read it was for "advanced" anal players and didn't consider myself to be one. Girl and I had done the usual anal play I guess all couples get into, had even been pegged a few times, butt never imagined I'd be ready for an "advanced" anal item. Anyway, whoa! What a sensation! Just everytime I clenched my sphincters, a need to squirt! Thru' the morning I just couldn't believe anything felt so good in that part of my body! Finally, after shower, got dressed and decided to leave it in while running errands. Dangerous move!!! I was Mr. Happy with everyone, just kept clenching my butt, feeling my prostate getting stroked, hiding my appendage down the leg of my (fortunately loose) jeans! Finally, back in my truck, had to pull over and let go, just blast away. Must have lasted about six, seven minutes where I just shook, trembled, wave after wave of emissions, even had my head back and my eyes closed. Fortunately sparsely populated area. When I got home, girlfriend was there. I told her what had transpired during the day. She started getting playful, massaging my ass cheeks, running her hand up my crack to feel that the Progasm was still firmly inserted. Make a long story short, we had sex, the Aneros still inside me. It was mega-sublime! Guess I'm an "advanced user" after all.
The Progasm feels great early in the morning when my bladder is really full, a great feeling with lots of lube.  My girlfriend bought it for me as a gift about two years ago.  She enjoys inserting it for me and is disappointed if I do not sleep with it inside me so I am ready for her the next morning.
Man, ive had a progasm for about 2 days now, each time i took about an hour for my first session, i had so many orgasms, it was unreal, and  tryed it today, and it got even better! this is a MUST BUY!!!
ïI have found the progasm my favorite. With an enema and plenty of lube I experienced pleasant sensations.
ï»My massage therapist tells me my prostate is a bit higher up than most.  This model hits the spot.  The only drawback is that it doesn't always remain seated in the rectum and tends to slide out easily.
Just a little to advanced for me to start off with.
This thng in general is too big for me.  Sometimes I use it for 5 minutes then switch to something smaller which gets things moving faster.
The Progasm has it's place. It is the largest model and when you crave a ride with the "big guy", this is it. I have had some very good rides with the Progasm and I am glad it is in my array. That being said, it is the model I use the least. In fact, I prefer the Maximus to the Progasm. But that is just a matter of taste. I like subtle and fine control of my Aneros. The Progasm is of a size that a lot of subtlety is not very possible. It also has a tendency to slip halfway out sometimes because the taper at the base is wider than all the other models. That really interferes with my sessions to a point of distraction at times.  When I want the big boy ride, 9 times out of 10 I grab the Maximus. Don't get me wrong...there is a ton of fun to be had with the Progasm but for me personally this is my least favorite model.
Just received my Progasm yesterday and inserted it this morning. Wonderful, full feeling with new and untouched regions reached. Looking forward to many journeys with this fine product. LryDee
I had tried some cheap smaller knock off.  Did not seem to do the trick or reach the right angle.  Took the plunge and bought the progasm.  The first time I tried it, there was definitely a difference, but no super o, yet.  The next time, had a few nice sensations.  The 3rd time, I drank a couple whiskey and colas.  Put some ocean wave sounds on.  Room was dark too.  Did the breathing exercises for 15 minutes.  Did the contractions.  Repeated the cycle twice, then bam.  I was shaking, tingling, and began convulsing.  I was literally flopping around in my bed.  I was buzzing pretty good from the drinks, but I knew I was having my 1st "Super O!"  Then it calmed down.  Relaxed and breathed again for a while.  Started the contractions again.  Before I could reach my tenth contraction, I was literally doing "ollies", skate board moves, in my bed.  I did some hand stands and flipped over a couple of times too.  This calmed down.  Then it started back up, I swore I felt like I was in the Exorcist, but in a good way. Lol.  I was in an outer body experience, that was unbelievable.  This roller coaster of orgasmic Heaven, went on another 15 mini-cycles.  That was definitely a night to remember, especially after a chaotic week.  A night well deserved I say!
When my progasm arrived, I eagerly opened the package. Upon looking at it, my first impression was this thing is big. I liked the purple color and that's what I ordered. The next day i got the chance to try it out. I did my usual prep, pre lubed and KYed everything. Insertion of the head was the hardest part. Once the head was in I paused for a minute and the rest was easy.  The feelings I got were definitely a full feeling. I thought the shape might be a little too much pressure on the prostate but it was not. Once I laid down, I found the Progasm to be quite comfortable. Sensations are different and I find them more intense. For me the Progasm bypassed all of the subtle building up that my other models do. This was nice and it led to the Super O faster.  This is an intense model and it is definitely not a first model for anyone that is not into anal penetration. Glad I got the MGX and the Maximus first. I recommend this to anyone that enjoys the aneros experience.
There is no doubt this is the sledgehammer of the Aneros lineup, if you can't feel this model you had better check to make sure you still have a pulse. This is the biggest, most filling model Aneros makes and it makes its presence felt. The drawbacks for me however are its reduced mobility when compared to the other models and its girth tends to make me sore after an extended period of time. One strategy to get around this is to begin a session with another model and at a later point switch to the larger Progasm, as your sphincter has by then loosened sufficiently to comfortably handle the increased size.